Monday, July 13, 2009

My aerobic moves, shake it babe..

Last Saturday, my school held a 'bulan kecergasan' month. As usually, the practical student will always be the target of other senior teachers to do this and that. I was suppose to be in charge of the aerobik slot for that day with another friend of mine but unfortunately, her father in law was admitted to the hospital, so, I had to do it all by myself. I was so nervous because all the teachers and students will be there to look at my step.

I finally decided to do chicken dance move because it is easy and I already have the music. I could not sleep because I was so nervous. I always have stage fright everytime I have to speak in public. You might think, I am a teacher, I should not be afraid. well, if it is with my students only, I wouldn't mind but with the principal and other teachers.. jeezz.. it really gives me the freak.

For those who know what chicken dance is, you can imagine how i shake my body to the song. The ustaz even took a video of me dancing! i can't do nothing but imagine he is not there. After the aerobik, I find that it was an interesting event to do because everyone will be doing exactly what you are doing. You can shake it and everyone will follow. Even the senior teachers were sporting enough to do the dance. Myy students look so cute dancing.

After the incident, I am looking forward to organise an aerobik class.. maybe one day.. hmmm.. abang, are you reading this? hahahaha.. you must love it when I said that i want to exercise!